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Lee Bozier-Lown (Conservatory Blinds Ltd)

"Working with Natalie is one of the smarter things you will do this month.


After undertaking some voice over work for us, we would whole heartedly recommend Natalie to everyone!

A friendly and professional service provided at every step. 

Competitive pricing and top quality production. 

Natalie brings her obvious understanding of the industry and technical knowledge to every aspect of her work.

She delivers both in terms of performance but also with the end product and in a timely manner to boot. 

She has a diverse range and is quick to help if things need to be tweaked or changed.

Take this advice from one very satisfied customer, hire Natalie and get more than your money’s worth!

Gurmit Samra (Director, Get Gone)

"This young woman really is a part of the new wave of up and coming British talent. It’s as simple as that. Natalie’s attention to detail and ability to take on direction while bringing that something extra is flawless... she just gets it. The level of professionalism, charisma and talent from this young lady on our film was amazing.”

Tudley James (Director, SOLAR IMPACT)

"Natalie Martins is an extremely talented actress; she has a star quality about her, from the get go Natalie proved that she had what it takes to be a true star and gifted actor. Natalie’s passionate, driven, hardworking and fearless, I couldn’t ask for a better leading lady. Natalie is so focused and professional, the prep work she did for the role was awesome, and because of her input the film is all the better for it. Natalie was a joy to work with on and off set, being a director is a stressful job but when you have people around you like Natalie it makes it a hell of a lot easier, she would always have a smile on her face, and everyone on set loved her. Natalie is such a lovely person, I have a lot of time, love and respect for her, I can’t recommend her enough. I’d love to get the opportunity to work with Natalie again, I see a bright future ahead for her."

Craig Newman (Director,Cruel Summer)

“Put simply, Natalie Martins is a brilliant actress. Her combination of professional work-ethic and friendly persona helped develop a brilliant creative environment. Natalie’s dedication to the role surpassed my expectations and collaborating with her on the character was effortless. Overall, I found working with Natalie to be a very rewarding experience. Her enthusiasm and focused attitude will be essential to any project she’s involved with.”

James Button (Director, The Corpse Series / POP DOWN)

"Natalie Martins is one of the best actresses I've had the pleasure of working with! She has it all and is a complete joy to work with. I'm yet to see her without a smile on her face…even when inevitable problems are run into on a shoot. Natalie is a very talented and natural actor, born to be in front of the camera. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future."

Matthew Tindall  (Director, The Better Man)

"I had the pleasure of directing Natalie in The Better Man, in which she played the female lead. Natalie is a born performer and a captivating screen presence. She brought depth,  warmth and humour to the role, surpassing all expectations. On set, she was a consummate professional; focused, committed, fully prepared and always punctual. But more than that, she was a joy to be around - approachable, easy-going and fun, with a wicked sense of humour. Natalie would be an asset to any production, and I hope to work with her again very soon.”

Emma Kinni  (Director, Miracle Grow)

"Natalie played the lead character Sofia in my debut feature film Miracle Grow. I chose her above all the other applicants due to her interesting physical features, for one. You have actors that are simply pretty, then you have ones that are pretty yet interesting- she has a face that captivates your interest for an hour and 47 minutes. On set, Natalie was nothing but extremely professional. She was always bang on time, which is more than most of the crew can say for itself. She takes to direction beautifully - she will listen and let you direct her until she does it perfectly. She is one of the most natural performers I've worked with, completely down to earth, and fun. She played the role of Sofia convincingly to the extent that she, essentially, became Sofia for 5 weeks. Natalie might say that she is lucky to work with you, but having worked with her for all those weeks on set I can safely say that if you work with Natalie, you are a lucky director."

RYAN BANKS  (Director, Epitome)

“Natalie Martins is outstanding. Her ability to crawl into the skin of a character and give the most believable and engaging performance exceeded all of my expectations. Her energy and dedication to our film was superb, resulting  in Natalie giving an excellent performance. She is a joy to work with both on and off screen and definitely has the ability to raise the quality of any production up a few bars. Once again, outstanding work.”

David Morris (Dir. Odd Youth Theatre)

"I have known Natalie for ten years as her teacher, director and friend. Over this period I have directed or seen Natalie in a wide variety of drama reflecting her considerable range as an actress. She created an excellent, beautifully mischievous Lily Smalls in 'Under Milk Wood' in which her Welsh accent was pitch perfect; she was explosively energetic and gloriously child-like Willy in Potter's 'Blue Remembered Hills' and her creation of Biddy in the Ormerod/Donnellan adaptation of 'Great Expectations' was intensely moving and characterised by her typical emotional depth and detail. Natalie is an extremely truthful performer who genuinely inhabits her roles and whose sensitive, intelligent and subtle performances have always deeply engaged her audiences. As a person, Natalie is a determined, resourceful and highly motivated individual who likes to think deeply about what she is doing and why she is doing it. She brings a natural curiosity and intense focus to whatever she does and is refreshingly constructive and positive about criticism and eager to take direction and advice. She is an excellent team-player who listens acutely but who is also always prepared to offer her own highly pertinent and creative contributions."

Andrew JOnes (Director, Poltergeist Activity)

“Natalie was the consummate professional throughout production and an absolute delight to work with. She had done extensive preparation for her character and that really showed in the fantastic performance she delivered. Natalie has a wonderful natural ability to access authentic emotion which elevated so many key scenes in the script to a higher level. Natalie is terrific at taking direction and is also superb at improvisation. At my request she added addition pieces of dialogue and action to key scenes, which all demonstrated a deep understanding of her character and the themes of the film. Natalie is also a generous performer, always creating a collaborative environment with the other actors and helping them get the best out of their work as well as her own. She is also a wonderful person to have on set, always warm and enthusiastic and never troubled by the tight shooting schedule and long hours. As the female lead, Natalie worked with the male lead to create a powerful dynamic between the characters that became the heartbeat of the film. I am immensely proud to have collaborated with such a talented, hard working actress who I know has a very bright future in this business."


“Natalie was my first and only choice for casting in my debut feature project. Upon accepting the role she asked all the right questions and offered excellent ideas to the project. To say that she takes direction well would be a vital understatement because all I did was run through the scenes with her once and she was able to take on the role with such passion and perfection that I could focus elsewhere and know that I didn't have to worry. She is a true professional, a wonderful person to be around to learn from and to teach and a genuine pleasure to work with. Natalie is incredibly talented and has a very bright future. I can only hope that I get to work with her again very soon. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

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