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Spotlight & Latest Showreel:

Location: Surrey / South East London
Playing Age: 25

Height: 5 ft 2
Valid Passport

Full UK Driving License
BA (Hons) Drama with Creative Writing

(2021) White Sky, Hailey (Lead), dir. Adam Wilson, M & M Productions, Wales & Milton Keynes.
(2021) Get Gone, Danielle Stevens (Female Lead), dir. Gurmit Samra, Branded G Productions, Derby.

(2020) A Werewolf in England, Jane (Female Lead), dir. Charlie Steeds, Dark Temple Motion Pictures, Cornwall.
(2020) Vampire Virus, Jennifer (Lead), dir. Charlie Steeds, Dark Temple Motion Pictures, Reading / London. 
(2019) The Barge People, Sophie, dir. Charlie Steeds, Dark Temple Films, Bristol.
(2017) Cruel Summer, Julia (Lead), dir. Phillip Escott / Craig Newman, 441 Films, Wales.

(2017) Solar Impact, Susan (Lead), dir. Tudley James, Tudor Films / Infrared Films, Wales.
(2015) TryLife: Jacob’s Story, Arobella (Female Lead), dir. Shaun J. Grant, Nice Guy Eddie, South London. 
(2014) Poltergeist Activity, Katherine ( Lead), dir. Andrew Jones, 4 Digital Films / Northbank Entertainment, Wales.
(2014) The Better Man, Natalie (Female Lead), dir. Joshua Bennett / Matthew Tindall, Bustabowl Productions, Bedford.
(2013) Miracle Grow, Sofia  (Lead), dir. Emma Kinni, Miracle Grow Ltd. Bournemouth.

(2022) Canon, Female Lead, (Commercial - Canon Flex Zoom Lenses), dir. Jonathan Jones, Ember Films
Green Motion Car Rental, (Online Commercial), Presenter, Pin Point Media
(2018) Time is a Gift, (TV Commercial), Young Widow, dir. Phil Beastall, Good Morning Britain, ITV
(2018) ITV's This Morning, Self ('Love is a gift' Interview with Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes), ITV Studios, London
(2017) St. John's Ambulance, (TV Commercial) Young Mum (Lead), dir. Mike Sumner, Full Aspect
(2016) The Secret History of My Family (TV Docudrama - BBC), Susan Nelson, dir. Tom Giles, BBC
(2016) The Corpse Series, (Crypt TV - Online) Annie (Female Lead), dir. James Button, Crypt TV / State of Flow Films, Wales.
(2016) Visqueen (Online Commercial),
Sarah (Lead), dir. Gurmit Samra, Branded G Productions
(2015) The Wives Did It (TV Docudrama - Discovery Channel),
Rena Chynoweth (Female Lead), dir. Tim Conrad, (ID) / Britespark
(2013) X Factor: Our Star (TV Commercial), Girl, dir. Oscar Cariss, ITV / Annex Films
(2012) More! Magazine
(Radio Commercial - Voice Over), Lead Girl, dir. Tom McCinnes, Fearlessly Frank / Bauer Media


(2020) Pop Down, Jess (Lead), Dir. James Button, State of Flow Films, Wales.
(2020) Shear, Stacey, dir. Riyadh Haque, Portsmouth.
(2019) Melting Point, Dir. James Button & Natalie Martins, SFL 48 Hr Film Challenge, London.
(2019) Karen, Karen (Lead), Dir. Aram Atkinson, Rode Reel Competition, Portsmouth.
(2019) The Case of Katelyn Burns, Lauren (Lead), dir. Toyah Frantzen, Jumping Frog Productions, London / Midlands
(2018) Haven, Girl (Lead), Dir. Aram Atkinson, London.
(2018) Blink, Lonely Girl (Lead), Dir. Natalie Martins, Over-Thinking Films, London.
(2018) Flying Visit, Dir. James Button and Natalie Martins, State of Flow Films/Over-Thinking Films, Wales.
(2018) Attached, Denise (Lead), dir. James Button, State of Flow Films, London.
(2018) Always Read The Label, Jessie (Female Lead), dir. James Button, State of Flow Films, London.

(2018) Out of Reach, Emily, Dir. James Button and Natalie Martins, State of Flow Films/Over-Thinking Films, Surrey.
(2017) Aurora, dir. Natalie Martins / Louis Brough, Clockwork Prism Productions, Derby.
(2017) Missing Edge, Lauren (Lead), dir. Joshua Bennett/Matt Tindall, Bustabowl Films, London.
(2016) Pieces, Jessica (Lead), dir. Mikey Altoft, Lonely Box Productions, London.
(2016) Camping, Jane (Lead), dir. Tom Ransom, Logan Pictures, Hampshire. 

(2015) Shedding Skin, Charlotte (Female Lead), dir. Natalie Martins/Matthew Tindall, Over-Thinking Films, Wales.
(2014) Love Is A Gift, Mum (Voice Over), dir. Phil Beastall, Elrose Creative, Cheltenham. 
(2014) The Choice, Emmi (Lead), Ferny Films, dir. Andrew Carslaw, Oxford.

(2014) It's A Fruit, Natalie (Female Lead), dir. James Button, State of Flow Films, Wales.

(2014) Epitome, Sophie (Female Lead), dir. Ryan Banks, Bram Productions, Chichester.

(2014) The Event, Girl (Lead), dir. Natalie Martins, Over-Thinking Films, Wales.

(2014) Simon Says, Holly (Female Lead), dir. Dan O'Neill, BU Productions, Bournemouth.
(2014) Figment, Rachel, dir. Louis Falcon, Met Film School, London.

(2013) My Hero, Crystal, dir. Robert Osman, Met Film School, London.
(2013) Iblis, Daisy (Lead), dir. Dayle Saunders, Rush Productions, Derby.
(2013) Meander, Jane (Female Lead), dir. Zach Ord, Outset Pictures, Carlisle.

(2013) Keeping Faith, Amy (Female Lead), dir. Steven Griffin, Unit Films, London.

(2013) Intimacy 2.0, (Presenter), dir. BU Productions, Kennet Tanner, Bournemouth. 

(2018) Signal Works - Unboxers, Lead Girl, dir. Louis Brough, Clockwork Prism, Surrey.
(2014) Nothing But Thieves - Last orders, Lead Girl, dir. Lewis Cater, Sony, London.

(2014) Novo Amor - Callow, Lead Girl, dir. Josh Bennett, Storm + Shelter, Wales.
(2014) Novo Amor - Faux, Lead girl, dir. Josh Bennett, Storm + Shelter, Wales.
(2013) Benin City - Bus, Voodoo Girl, dir. Andrea Youth, Pretty Pictures, London.
(2013) The Fortunate - By Your Side, Lead Girl, dir. Josh Thompson, Wigglyline Productions, Brighton.
(2013) Archie Smith - I Will Love You, Claire (Lead), dir. Phil Beastall, Elrose Media, Cheltenham.

(2013) De Profundis - Twisted Landscapes, Tainted Girl/Pure Girl (Lead), dir. Phil Berridge, Creative Junkie Media.

(2020) Conservatory Blinds, Covid-19 Regulations, Voice Over, Conservatory Blinds Ltd, Surrey
(2019) Google Training Videos, Voice Over, Global Digital Marketing Agency: Jellyfish, London. 
(2019) Google Training Videos, Presenter, Global Digital Marketing Agency: Jellyfish, London. 
(2019) BSW Timber Group - Internal Video, Voice Over, Outset Productions, Home Studio, Surrey
(2019) IMC Finance Corporate Video, First Time Buyer, PinPoint Media, London.
(2018) The Oxford College of Optometrists, Woman (Lead), Nutmeg Productions, London.
(2017) Holt Ltd. Manager's Training Presentation, Voice Over Artist, dir. Tim Peniston Bird, Orangutan / Holt Ltd, Surrey
(2016) Tesco / G's Farm, Katie (Lead) - Presenter - Live Performance, dir. Blackett Ditchburn, Fearlessly Frank, Cambridgeshire.
(2015) Fraser Hart, Customer (Lead), dir. Mike Sumner, Unity Films, Bristol.
(2015) Mental Health, Sara, dir. Luke Mordue, Inclusive Learning / Mordue Pictures.
(2014) Argos / Home Retail Group, Staff (Lead), dir. Phil Beastall, Elrose Media, Essex. 

(2014) Operation Smoke Storm, Kiara (Lead), dir. Bernhard Pucher, Element 26, London.  

(2014) Alter Egos - Rank Group plc, Croupier Staff and Presenter, dir. Estelle Matthews / Joe Murray, Rank Group PLC / Elm Media.

(2013) Tresemme, Hannah (Lead), dir. Steve Rosam, Pacific 7 / Unilever, London.

(2012) More! Magazine (Radio), Girl 1, dir. Tom McCinnes, Fearlessly Frank / Bauer Media, Kiss FM London.


The University of Greenwich, Drama with Creative Writing, 2:1, (2008-2011), Greenwich, London.

Met Film School, Acting for Film, Completed, (2011), Ealing Studios, London.

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