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Since snagging my Drama and Creative Writing degree way back in 2011 and completing the Acting for Film course at Met Film School that same year, I've been on an epic rollercoaster in the industry. Over a glorious span of more than twelve years, I've seized the spotlight in leading roles that have not only bagged awards and aired on platforms such as Sky, Amazon and Netflix but also stirred up some viral excitement that even led me to a lively interview on This Morning. It's been a humbling ride, and I'm profoundly thankful for the path I've had the privilege to walk.

Some of my absolute favourites, "Get Gone", "Cruel Summer" and "Vampire Virus," are still sizzling away on Amazon Prime – give 'em a watch and let's compare notes!

Now, let's talk about my most spectacular role to date: being mum to the most incredible little sweetheart born in November 2021. I took a brief hiatus to soak in the baby giggles, messy marvels and the magical journey of endless "firsts"  but now I'm back on the prowl and on the lookout for projects that are fresh, fearless and profoundly thought-provoking. I'm taking the reins and representing myself, because why not be the hero of your own story, right? So if you're cooking up something extraordinary in the casting cauldron, don't hesitate – drop me a message!


Let's have a chat about those upcoming casting escapades. I'm all ears and geared up to dive right in.


Stay fabulous and catch you in the spotlight!


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